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I’m going to try (once again) to start a new blog. I know I’m not very good at finishing what I started, unless given specific deadlines and tasks; so what I will try to do, is to make it a target to get at least three blog posts per week. That seems managable, right?

I’m going to try using WordPress instead of my regular platform, Blogger. I’ve been told so many times about the professionalism and multi-functionality of WordPress, so I decided to give it a try. At the same time, I’ve been reading about personal branding, and how important it can be to register your user name before anyone else. I’ve come across several sites in the past, where someone else has already registered my preferred name, and it really pisses me off, to say the least. That’s why, lately, I’ve been joining sites like crazy. Not everyone of them has any content as of yet, but some do. Some are even more or less finished, as they’re basically aggregators for my content from other sites.

I’ve joined Tumblr and I’ve joined I’ve joined LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Google Profiles and probably a whole lot of others I can’t even recall right now. To begin with I already used an awful lot of services, such as several photo sites (Flickr et al), Twitter, Facebook, plus a few instant messaging accounts. I only have one e-mail though. I’ve gotten my preferred username, aulin in most cases and jaulin when that’s not available. As aggregators go, I think they’re all nice, but I’ve got a special feeling about as being a very good looking and useful platform.

Because of Twitter’s 140 character limits, people have to find good URL shorteners, and I’ve tried a few so far, including snipurl,, and Way back, I used snipurl when everyone else was using tinyurl, because it gave me the ability to choose a name for my link. has close ties to Twitter, and your account(s) via Hootsuite, and a hootlet which lets you post stuff to Twitter in a jiffy, which is really nice. They also have click-through statistics. The downside though, is that some people despise top frames, and uses one of those. It also makes it difficult to open their links in a mobile browser. So I tried They’ve got pretty extensive statistics, and optional custom names, as well as Twitter integration. I’ve recently switched to, since it’s so easy to use (just type before the URL you want to save) and because you can not only have custom link names, but you can remove a link and then reuse the link name. So if you made a mistake, or noticed a link has died, it can easily be fixed while retaining the old shorturl. I just wish they had more extensive statistics, since they as of now have only number of clicks per link.

Speaking of Twitter, it’s really become addictive, seeing as it’s grown a whole lot since I joined. When I joined, no one I knew was on it, and I didn’t care enough to try and find out how to use it on my own. With the March 2009 boom, a couple of friends joined and I found a couple that were already on there, and it started rolling from there. I think I’ve fallen into a pretty decent pattern recently, and at least started to learn how to fully take advantage of all that Twitter offers.

Well, I think that’ll be it for now. Hopefully I’ll get back to this blog often enough not to let it rot like the others before it.

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