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Slow People


Reader be warned that this will be a rant, to get a few things out of my system, or something to that effect. That said, read on. πŸ˜‰

Me and my girlfriend were in the supermarket today, and an elderly couple decided to park their cart just inside the inner gates to read this week’s advertisements, making it difficult for us and people behind us to get in.

Naturally I got annoyed, and as we’d made our way past them, I muttered something to my girlfriend about “punching slow moving people in the back of the head”. That’s part of the name of a Facebook group, and obviously an overstatement. I said it in jest, of course, and to my girlfriend about the people at the entrance. However, the lady in front of us at that point seemed to overhear it and said something like “Maybe we should get out of the way” to someone she was there with.

My girlfriend got embarassed, and so did I at first, but then I thought “why should I?” I wasn’t talking to that lady, and if she decided to think so, that’s not on me. If only people would show the same common courtesy when walking, as a lot of car drivers (not enough, but still a lot) do, and pull over to the side before slowing down this sort of thing wouldn’t happen. Why should it be rude to comment on rude people?

My comment wasn’t at all directed at that lady, but seeing as she seemingly took it to heart, maybe it should have been. I mean, her and her buddy were blocking the way with their carts side by side, it just hadn’t yet become annoying at that point. Why do people think they’ve got no obligation at all to let people past them?

I’ve actually seen people put their shopping cart in the middle of an aisle broad enough that if the cart had been put to the side, another cart could even have passed by, to go to another part of the store and fetch something. :O Seriously!? I got to thinking that maybe some kind of signal (the pedestrian equivalent of a car horn) would be nice. πŸ˜›

In traffic, it’s almost the same thing. I think people should have their driver’s licenses retried at a certain age and/or that there should be some kind of mandate on how quickly a car has to get up to speed after a turn or stand-still.

It seems the traffic slowliness offenders generally consist of two types:

  • The people who themselves have all day to get where they’re going, and don’t really care whether other people do. They’ll gladly keep 30km/h (19mph) on a 50km/h (31mph) road indefinitely.
  • The people who have cars that are (or may be perceived as) expensive, and think that they have to take ten minutes to get up to 50km/h (31mph) lest their priced pets get ruined.

An observation I’ve made about those categories, is that the first one often equates to older women, and the second to older men. Really! Think about it…

People complain about the younger generation speeding, but do they ever remember that you’re taught in driving school to reach the road’s designated speed as quickly as possible, because failure to do so is equally dangerous?

Okay, I think I could ramble about stupid drivers all day, so I’d best not get started. πŸ˜› Consider the rant officially over.

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