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The (very personal) Eurovision aftermath


Last year I boycotted the eurovision song contest, because I thought it had turned into shit. It wasn’t the first time.

I guess you’d say I should celebrate. That a Norwegian victory is a Scandinavian victory. I don’t see it that way.

I’m not even upset that Sweden didn’t get that many votes, because though I loved the song, I never saw it as a eurovision song. No, it’s a defeat partly because songs that were crap (IMHO) came out on top, some great songs got pushed way down, and because Sweden didn’t even send one lousy point to Denmark. I know you’re not supposed to vote 12 for friend countries just because they’re friends; but surely there should have been something? And if it’s something you actually like, then by all means vote it high! The Danish song was really good. Very radio friendly. To top it off, I think he was one of the few, if not the only one who looked genuine and humble. Most everyone else donned fake smiles and too small shirts. (Yes, I’m looking at you with the shirt thing, Greece.)

I also fail to see the apparent greatness of the Belarussian/Norwegian winner. Sure, the song was nice, but not nearly as good as many others. It was number 13 on my list if I remember correctly.

This brings me to another thing I don’t like, which is that everyone works for anyone. Nowadays most countries incorporate songwriters, stage performers or even singers from other countries than their own.
A majority of performers don’t even sing in their own language. What’s left to compete about?

This is of course a personal standpoint, but it shows that the majority of the people who vote, are not the people who like what I like. That reason alone should be enough for a boycott. I mean at most times during voting, the top 5 would have been in my bottom 10.

For the sake of comparison, my points would have been:

  • 1pt Finland
  • 2pt Turkey
  • 3pt Albania
  • 4pt Azerbaijan
  • 5pt Ukraine
  • 6pt Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 7pt Moldova
  • 8pt Armenia
  • 10pt Estonia
  • 12pt Denmark

I guess some would say I contradict myself by not voting for Norway or Iceland, but my reasoning is that any Swede would like some neighboring country’s song, so that it evens out and they all get something.

Anyway, this was yet another whiny post, but maybe that’ll be a recurring theme. I’d like to end by congratulating Norway. Even though their song wasn’t me at all, I’m still happy for them. And maybe it’ll mean some better show hosts for next year.

It’s now 2:30 am. Goodnight.

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