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Angst and rejuvenation


Yesterday I had a thermodynamics/nuclear physics exam. It was a re-exam and I hadn’t tried it for a long time. To be honest I probably should have checked it out a bit earlier to find out that it was really extensive. I mean, the amount of information was just immense. Anyway, to make a long story short, I think that in order for it to have succeeded this time I’ll have to be lucky.

This was the start of a day that would be pretty crappy for the most part. When I drove down to Lund for the exam, the weather was crappy. When I sat inside writing, the sun shone in my eyes. When I left to drive home, the bad weather came back.

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I was scheduled to meet my fiancée in Elsinore, and would go there by taking my bike on the ferry. I was just going to make a quick pit stop at home to get a few things. When I got home, I was greeted by an electricity bill twice its usual size. I decided to stay home a bit more, to check out the electricity company’s site, to see why this might be. No luck &emdash; probably just because they recently switched to remote meters.

This extra browsing contributed to the fact that I was late to the ferry, but there was more to it. Getting the bike out, I noticed that a few spokes were lose. Quite a few, actually. I didn’t think much of it, but once on the bike, it started wobbling more and more. I was strapped for time to reach the ferry and really gave it my all to get there. I tasted blood! I got down there, the bike wobbling ever more, seeing the ferry standing still, lighting a slim hope of getting on it. Just as I got all the way there, it started inching away slowly, and I realized I had 20 minutes of waiting for the next one, while gasping for air like crazy.

Finally in Elsinore everything went fine, so that was a nice break, but the bike got more and more wobbly, and I had to get off and pull it alongside most of the way for fear of its total breakdown. I arranged to leave it at my parents’ house for my dad to try to fix it, and we got to talking about school and jobs and debts and adding onto everything else from that day, I was really starting to get depressed.

When I finally drove home to call it an evening, I was greeted by my fiancée, and every problem got blown away. It’s amazing how healing it can be to have someone’s complete, and unconditional love like that. She’s always amazingly comforting, and I owe all my happiness to her. Today is her birthday, and I woke her up with gifts and hot cocoa.

The bottom line is that almost anything can go wrong, but as long as you have someone who loves you it can never hurt you.

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